ArkMEA Festival 


under the direction of guest conductor Patty Oeste

2019 ArkMEA Festival Chorus

We are very excited to announce that Patty Oeste will be joining us as our guest conductor for the 2019 Fall Festival. Patti has performed in over 1000 operatic and symphonic performances across Europe. She received her undergraduate degrees from the University of Illinois and a Masters degree from Northwestern University. Patty is a National Board Certified Educator, a Yale Distinguished music educator, and has received the Kennedy Center teacher fellowship. She is a past president of our ArkMEA and an official Arkansas A+ fellow. This is an opportunity that you and your student won’t want to miss! 

ArkMEA Festival Chorus Student Registration 

The ArkMEA Festival Chorus is open to students grades 4-6. Each school may bring up to 10 students. The registration fee per student is $20.  Registration must be submitted by October 11th, 2019 for students' names to be included on the program. 

Festival Chorus and Orchestra Rehearsal Schedule

2019 ArkMEA Festival Chorus Music

  • Jubliate Deo (M. Praetorius)


  • Funga Alafia (Traditional)

  • Peace Round (Traditional)

  • Whisper (2-Part Greg Gilpin

  • Bandyrowe (2-Part arr. Susan Brumfield

  • All Fly Around (2-Part arr. Emily Crocker) 

Please note that Jubliate Deo, Funga Alafia, and Peace Round are public domain. You may download these selections by clicking the PDF icon next to each title. The three other selections are available for purchase through J &B Music (see below). 

If you attended our 2019 summer professional development with Cristi Cary Miller, you can find Bandyrowe and All Fly Around in the book from the workshop. 

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2019 ArkMEA Festival Chorus Rehearsal Tracks

Please click the red download icon next to each of the rehearsal tracks listed below. 

Jubilate Deo

Funga Alafia Part 1

Funga Alafia Part 2

Peace Round

Whisper Part 1

Whisper Part 2

Bandyrowe Part 1

Bandyrowe Part 2

All Fly Around Part 1

All Fly Around Part 2